What’s Behind a Name? Chemicals!

Did you know that despite our name, Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC is a well experienced and versatile provider of CHEMICALS to a number of Industries?

In most cases, the colors we provide need some form of chemical to help develop the color, aid in the application of the color, or to assure the color stays on the intended substrate or surface. Often times these chemicals will also serve to affect the substrate or surface in a variety of desired ways beyond just keeping the color in place. In addition, during the color application process, many manufacturers utilize the application step to apply more than just colors or dyes.

Organic Dyes and Colors LLC produces a wide variety of textile and chemical auxiliaries utilized for the exact purpose of either aiding in the fastness and performance of the color or dye, or enhancing some other aspect of the substrate or surface. In many cases, our expertise at custom blending, mixing, and packaging allows the customer to do what they do best – produce their products without having to spend time mixing dyes or chemicals.

Our Chemical Product Lines are utilized in a wide variety of industries for a number of applications.

Textile Auxiliaries


Textile Auxiliaries are utilized on a wide variety of surfaces, substrates and fibers. These chemicals act to enhance the color fastness, aid in dye receptivity, provide overall system compatibility, and provide/enhance functionality such as Water Repellency, Flame Retardancy, Fiber Lubricity, and Substrate Preparation.

Coatings Industry


We have a variety of products that are utilized in the Coatings Industry, including Antifoams, Binding Agents, Surfactants, Dispersants and Specialty Finish Agents – Flame Retardants, Water Repellents, Waxes and more! We work with many customers who value our knowledge of chemical compatibility and functionality to enhance the performance of their coatings. We have particular experience in preparing custom blended Specialty Coatings for the Paper and Board Coating Industries.

Wool-Based Textile Manufacturing


Though large scale wool based textile manufacturing has largely gone off-shore, we are still a key supplier of wool (and natural hair based fibers) processing chemicals to the existing niche wool dyers and finishers. The rapid rise of the “Mini Mill”, utilized by home, local and Co-op based wool and natural fiber producers, dovetails nicely with our extensive line of chemicals for scouring, fiber lubricity, finishing and dye leveling. Our ability to prepare custom chemical blends, as well as application and technical expertise is an important resource for the small but dynamic and growing wool production industry.

Optical Brighteners


Optical Brighteners (or Whiteners) also play a large part in many industries, from Textiles, to Plastics, Coatings, HI&I and Paper. Our extensive line of Synthrowite Optical Brighteners serve a dual purpose – they can enhance and improve the “whiteness” of a particular substrate, fiber or surface, or they can act as a UV “Marker”, applied to objects, products, and individual items to aid in UV Identification, Sorting and Labeling.

Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC has been a supplier of dyes and chemicals to a wide variety of industries for a myriad of applications for decades. We are successful because we respond quickly to our customer’s needs for custom manufacturing, blending, and packaging and add to that the vast experience of our Technical and Sales Teams. We are ready to work with you to provide the right color or chemical(s) for your specific process or product.