We supply high quality dyes, pigments and chemical auxiliaries for industrial coloring purposes. We serve a broad base of customers in textile, paper, ink and other industries where color applications are required.


The Orco Difference

We have the quality of services and range of colorants your company is looking for.

We have earned a reputation for technical expertise and outstanding customer service and are proud to be considered one of the industry’s most dependable sources of conventional, speciality, discontinued and custom formulated dyestuffs, pigments and chemical auxiliaries.

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Our Services Include

Custom Formulation

ORCO will custom-formulate dyes, pigments and chemicals to suit any unique requirement you may have. Just submit a Orco Lab Sheet, completely filled out to our lab and we will help to improve your end product to help improve your bottom line.

Computer Shade Matching

ORCO'S group of highly trained technicians and state of the art technical service labs located in Rhode Island and North Carolina are well suited for custom-computer-shade matching using dyes and pigments for a wide variety of applications.


In any industry there will be technical challenges when color application is involved. You can rely on ORCO to solve your coloring problems and offer the proper dye systems and application procedure.

Latest News

Orcoterge APH Series

The Orcoterge APH series of detergent dyes are a collection of colors offering stability throughout the pH range of 1-13, clean vibrant shades, and excellent solubility characteristics. 

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