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Basic Dyes

Orcozine™ dyes are modified cationic (basic) dyes for dyeing and printing acrylic, modacrylic, and cationic dyeable polyester fibers. The range of Orcozines affords a good selection of dyes to meet the brightness and fastness requirements for a variety of end uses. The products marked with an asterisk are suitable for cationic-dyeable polyester offering minimal staining on nylon and/or spandex. Technical bulletins are available by contacting our nearest facility.

We also have three full-service laboratories available to our customers for computer shade-matching, textile processing procedure development, and technical problem-solving. Our highly skilled laboratory professionals are also available for in-plant trial runs and problem solving.

Product Name Color Index Name Characteristics
ORCOZINE Black FXS Basic Black Specialty Economical Specialty
ORCOZINE Black FSW Basic Black Specialty Recommended for Nomex; Low Zinc
ORCOZINE Black OLN Basic Black Specialty Jade Black
ORCOZINE Blue GBR Basic Blue Specialty  
ORCOZINE Blue F-2RL 200% Basic Blue Specialty  
ORCOZINE Blue 3G* 200% Basic Blue 3 Bright Greenish Blue; Good pH stability
ORCOZINE Pure Blue BO Basic Blue 7 Bright Blue
ORCOZINE Blue BRL 300% * Basic Blue 41 Bright Blue Workhorse Dye; Zinc-Free
ORCOZINE Fast Blue 6GL-WC Supra Basic Blue 54 Bright Royal Blue
ORCOZINE Brown BA Basic Brown Specialty Specialty
ORCOZINE Green V Crystals & Liquid Basic Green 4 Bright Blueish Green
ORCOZINE Chrysoidine 4 Ex Conc Basic Orange 2 Yellowish Orange
ORCOZINE Orange G 200% (Zinc Free) Basic Orange 21 Bright Yellowish Workhorse Orange
ORCOZINE Brown YL Basic Orange 26  
ORCOZINE Brilliant Red 4GB 100%, 200%* Basic Red 14 Bright Fluorescent Red
ORCOZINE Brilliant Red BN Basic Red 15 Blueish Fluorescent Red
ORCOZINE Red GTL Basic Red 18 Dull Red
ORCOZINE Red B Basic Red 22 Bright Blueish Red
ORCOZINE Red GRL (Low Zinc)* Basic Red 46 Bright Blueish Workhorse Red; stable to high pH and temperature; Low Zinc
ORCOZINE Brilliant Red FBBS Basic Red 49 Sub Blueish Fluorescent Red; Good for rapid dyeing
ORCOZINE Red GB2-R Basic Red 104s  
ORCOZINE Brilliant Red 5G Basic Red Specialty Bright Fluorescent Red Specialty
ORCOZINE Methyl Violet 2BP Basic Violet 1 Bluish Violet
ORCOZINE Violet 1AS Basic Violet 1s Bright Reddish Violet
ORCOZINE Rhodine BL 200% Basic Violet 16 Red Violet Dye
ORCOZINE Yellow R Supra* Basic Yellow 11 Red Shade Yellow
ORCOZINE Yellow L* Basic Yellow 13 Bright Greenish Yellow
ORCOZINE Yellow 7GLL 200% Basic Yellow 21 Bright Greenish Yellow
ORCOZINE Golden Yellow GL 200%* Basic Yellow 28 Workhorse Dye
ORCOZINE Yellow SFK Basic Yellow 37 Bright Greenish Yellow
ORCOZINE Brilliant Yellow 10GFF Basic Yellow 40 Fluorescent Yellow