7 Critical Things YOU should Consider When Choosing the Right Colorant for Your Car Wash Foam or Detergent

Have you ever spent days or weeks trying to select the best detergent color to match your company’s logo, or your desired product identification shade, or that unique brilliant fluorescent eye-popping color?
Choosing from the thousands of dyes and pigments available to you can eat up your time and resources. Here are 7 CRITICAL criteria for YOU to consider when choosing the right colorant for your car wash foam or detergent:
pH Stability
  • pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline a chemical system is. Colorants have specific pH ranges where they work the best.
Chemical Compatibility
  • Will your colorant “play well with other” chemicals in your system or formulation?
  • How much color can you mix in to your system and will it stay mixed with your other components?
Staining Characteristics
  • Will the colorant wash off after use, or will you be “smurfing a car” or staining a surface you meant to clean?
UV Stability
  • The sun can act on bottles of colored detergent or cleaner to degrade or destroy the color.
Mixing it Up
  • When mixing the colorant in to your car wash or HI&I detergent, do you want to start with a powder or liquid color?
Money, Money, Money
  • Keep in mind that the “strength” of a specific colorant can vary from supplier to supplier.
 Choosing the best colorant for your detergents will ….
  • Help you avoid unwanted negative application experiences (staining)
  • Help you achieve the best value for your colorant purchase
  • Assure you that the product will be shelf stable regarding chemical compatibility and color retention