Nomex® has excellent thermal protection resisting temperatures over 2000ºF and also boasts great resistance to chemicals, solvents, radiation, and very low temperatures.  All of these properties, also make it fairly difficult to dye.  Our line of select OrcoSperse™ pigment dispersions allows the Nomex®  to be pigment printed or pad-coated.  

OrcoSperse™ Pigment Dispersions for  Nomex®

OrcoSperse™ organic aqueous pigment dispersions for textiles are specifically designed for printing, padding, and garment dyeing.  The wide shade range of this product line, including bright fluorescent and earthtone colors, can be used to develop unique shade and physical special effects–just call our technical staff to develop the perfect shade and process to achieve your desired effect.  

Technical Data

Select the buttons below for a physical properties shade card, preparation, dyeing & printing, & finishing procedures on Nomex®, and associated chemical technical bulletins.  You can also visit our Technical Resources page where you can search by technical bulletin, procedure, dye or pigment class, and material being colored.

Select the button below for a downloadable shade card which illustrates shades and a listing of physical properties. The color shown on these shade cards and web pages is only indicative and does not represent the EXACT shade of the product.


OrcoSperse™ Organic Dispersion Pigments – Shade Card

Procedures & Technical Bulletins

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