Silk is a very light natural fiber made by the silkworm.  It is the strongest natural fiber known and makes for a luxurious soft-smooth fabric with excellent insulating properties in both cool and warm conditions.  Orco Milling™, Orco Nylosol™, Orcolan Neutral™ and OrcoSet™ dyes provide bright and washfast colors on silk by both dyeing and printing processes.

Orco Milling™ Acid Dyes for Silk

Orco Milling™ dyes are characterized by their high wetfastness and their wide range of bright colors. Although their lightfastness falls somewhat short of the metallized group of acid colors they do offer a brighter shade range to choose from. These dyes are used primarily in stock and package dyeing but have been used in piece dyeing where careful temperature and pH control is possible.

Orcolan Neutral™ Acid Dyes for Silk

Orcolan Neutral™ dyes for silk, are 2:1 premetalized acid dyes. Because of their large molecular size, these behave similarly to the Orco Milling™ dyes in application and strike rate. Because of the metal complex (Cr+3 usually), these dyes exhibit excellent light and wet fastness properties.

ImageColor Index Name (CI)NameSolubilityLightfastnessIIA Wash Test StainingDetails
Black BGL 200%
Black BGL 200%
Black 3SBR
Black 3SBR, ,
Black DW
Black DW, ,
Black DW Liquid
Black DW Liquid
Black BR
Black BR, ,
Black BR Liquid
Black BR Liquid
Black BL
Black BL
Black JMA-2
Black JMA-2
Black RBL
Black RBL
Black LDS
Black LDS
Black MGBL
Black MGBL, ,
Grey BLGY-N, ,
Grey B
Grey B, ,
Olive BGL 200%
Olive BGL 200%, ,
Blue GL
Blue GL, ,
Dark Blue BR
Dark Blue BR,
Brown BRL
Brown BRL, ,
Brown 2RL
Brown 2RL, ,
Brown 5R Special
Brown 5R Special, ,
Brown GRL
Brown GRL, ,
Brown GRS
Brown GRS, ,
Orange NR
Orange NR, ,
Orange RL 250%
Orange RL 250%, ,
Red B
Red B, ,
Red 4GL
Red 4GL, ,
Red BMS, ,
Red RLS, ,
Bordeaux BSB
Bordeaux BSB, ,
Brilliant Yellow 5G
Brilliant Yellow 5G, ,
Yellow 2GL Ex
Yellow 2GL Ex, ,
Yellow WN 250%
Yellow WN 250%, ,

Orco Nylosol™ Acid Dyes for Silk

Orco Nylosol™ dyes for silk are characterized by their excellent leveling and penetrating properties in addition to their wide range of bright colors. Although this range does not exhibit the high wet and light fastness properties of the Milling and Metallized dyes, when selected carefully and after-treated properly, good fastness may be achieved. This class of dye consists of two groups, each having somewhat different affinity for silk and requiring slightly different application methods.

Orcoset™ Acid Dyes for Silk

Orcoset™ dyes for silk are a special group of modified 1:2 metal complex acid dyes exhibiting high fastness levels and similar dyeing properties. All dyes are applied at a pH of 4.5 in conjunction with Orcogal SET.  These dyes find application in stock, piece, and package dyeing, and printing.