ORCO is on the Cutting Edge of Textile Coloration Innovations!

Do you want to know what new innovations are driving Textile Coloration and Dyeing? Join Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC (ORCO) at the Textile Coloration 2.1 – Optimal Apparel Performance through Innovation on September 11-12 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Durham, NC.

Barry Brady (ORCO Sales Manager) is Conference Chairperson and is moderating a technical session on INNOVATIONS, which includes topics on Color Performance, Graphene Fiber Technology and Activated Cooling on Fabric Activated by Body Temperature. The INNOVATIONS session will also feature a panel discussion at the end. Barry is also presenting a paper on The New Color of Performance. His paper will detail what’s happening in the world of color – what’s changing and what are the future challenges.

ORCO will also be featuring the Splash in the Table Top Exhibit area, before and after the presentations. Make sure you come by and say hello, and let us answer your specific questions about Innovations and Changes in the world of dyes and textile colorants. Visitors to our display are also eligible for special free give-away!

A complete listing of papers and topics can be found HERE.

The full scope of the conference can be found HERE.

This INNOVATIVE program will address what’s new—what’s emerging in textile dyes, finishes, fibers, garments, products and processes that provide optimal apparel performance while being eco-friendly. Fostering innovation, design thinking, performance requirements for coloration of textiles, and a circular economy will also be discussed. The program is designed for brands, retailers, mills and suppliers to the textile industry.

Since its inception, Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC has been a worldwide supplier of dyes, pigments, and auxiliaries to the Textile Industry. Our technical expertise allows us to understand and address the chemistries of many kinds of textile dyeing and color applications. We know how to put color on textiles – and how to keep it there!

ORCO sources dyes from around the world, so we are in the unique position of being able to see and experience the worldwide dye market. Recent turmoil in China has resulted in a very dynamic situation regarding dye supply and pricing. Come and join us at the Textile Coloration 2.1 – Optimal Apparel Performance through Innovation Conference to hear how we work closely with our suppliers and our customers to navigate this dynamic situation.