How to Beck Dye Cellulosics using Orcolitefast™ and Orcomine™ Dyes


    • Prepare and pre-scour goods as necessary.
    • Enter goods into dyebath set at 110°-115F(43-46°C) with:
    • Slowly raise temperature to 205°F(96°C) and run for one hour.
    • Add 1-10 g/L Gauber’s Salt 20 minutes after reaching 205°F. Add more Glauber’s Salt after another 20 minutes for exhaustion of the dye as follows:
      • Light pastel shades 5-10 g/L
      • Medium shade 10-25 g/L
      • Heavy dark shades 25-40 g/L
    • More salt additions might be necessary for darker shades. If levelness is a problem, the number of salt additions may be increased with the proportional decreased amount of salt.
    • Cool back to 120°F(49°C).
    • A cold “salt-rinse” might be necessary to help minimize dye wash-off/migration.
    • Rinse cold until clear.
    • After-fix if necessary using  Orcofix F-NF™, or Orcofix DS™ depending on your requirements.

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