How to Dye Acetate/Rayon Blends with Orcocil™ and Orco™ Direct Dyes using a Beck Dyeing Process

  1. Care should be exercised when selecting Orcocil™ dyes for certain applications due to the limitations of gas-fade properties of some dyes.
  2. Do not exceed a pH of 9 in any process involving rayon as it will cause saponification of the fiber.
  3. Prepare and prescour goods as necessary.
  4. In a bath at 110°F(43°C) add:
  5. Adjust pH to 6.5-7 using acetic acid, raise temperature to 190-200°F(88- 94°C), and run for one hour.
  6. Adjust pH to 7 and add 20-30% owg Common or Glauber’s salt in three equal portions over 30 minutes.
  7. Cool slowly to 90°F(32°C) and cold salt-rinse to help minimize dye wash-off.
  8. Add fixative  Orcofix F-NF™ if necessary.

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