How to After-Fix Dye on Cellulosics, Cotton, & Rayon

Applicable Fixatives for Cellulosics


 Orcofix F-NF

Orcofix F-N™F      is a non-formaldehyde fixing agent for direct dyes on cellulosics offering excellent wet fastness at an economical price. Orcofix F-N™F offers better lightfastness than conventional dicey (formaldehyde) fixes, improves wet fastness with minimum or no effect on hand, and produces minimum or no shade change attributed to after-treatment.


  • 2.0 % owg Orcofix F-NF™
  • 0.7 – 1.0 % owg Acetic Acid 56%
  • Run at 120°F (49°C) for 20 minutes. Drop bath and dry; Do not rinse.

Fix Removal

  • 3.0% owg Soda Ash or 1.5% owg Caustic Soda
  • 10.0% owg Glauber’s Salt
  • Run at 200°F(93°C) for 30 minutes. Drop bath and rinse.
  • Before re-dyeing, re-acidify.

 Orcofix DS™

Orcofix DS™ is an outstanding fixative especially for fiber reactive dyes on cotton or rayon when applied in the finishing bath.  It improves wet and dry crockfastness, reduces resin and catalyst levels by 30% or more, has no detrimental effect on the shade, and reduces formaldehyde levels, all without reducing the quality of fabric. Orcofix DS™ is compatible with nonionics and cationics, does not harm lightfastness, and is effective over a wide pH range of 3-10.

Orcofix DS™ can be applied in the fabric finishing along with other chemicals such as softeners, resins, catalysts, etc.  Since Orcofix DS™ is cationic, it should be checked for compatibility with other finishing components.  Do not use with anionics.


  • Use 1.0-3.0 % owf Orcofix DS™ depending on depth of shade in the final rinse cycle.
  • Run for 10 minutes at 100°F(38°C).


  • In a fresh bath add 1.0%owf Orcofix DS™.
  • Raise temperature to 140°F(60°C) and run for 10 -15 minutes. Drop bath.
  • Cold rinse for 5 minutes.


  • Use 2.0-5.0% owb Orcofix DS™ depending on depth of shade along with other finishing agents or by itself for fixing.