How to Garment-Dye Cotton & Cellulosics Using Orco™ Direct Dyes

If the substrate being processed is rayon, do not exceed a pH of 9 as it will cause saponification of the fiber.

  1. Prepare garments with a prescour and bleach as necessary.
  2. Set dyebath at 100°F(38°C), enter garments, and add 0.6 % owb Leveler
  3. Circulate for 10 minutes and add X% owg Orco™ Direct dye solution properly prepared. Circulate another 10 minutes.
  4. Increase temperature to 180-205°F(82-96°C) at a rate of 3°F/minute and run for one hour.
  5. Add 10% owg Glauber’s salt 20 minutes after reaching 205°F and then again after another 20 minutes for exhaustion of the dyes. More salt additions may be necessary for darker shades.  If levelness is a problem, the number of salt additions may be increased with the proportional decreased amount.
  6. Cool back to 160°F(71°C) and sample. If shade is ok, drop bath.
  7. A cold salt-rinse may be necessary to help minimize dye wash-off/migration.
  8. Rinse cold until clear.
  9. After-fix if necessary with  Orcofix F-NF.

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