How to Scour Spandex®

Spandex® is generally used in blends with other fibers.  Do not exceed the boil in any procedure using Spandex® as the physical properties may deteriorate and do not use chlorine in any bleaching procedures with Spandex® as it will cause yellowing and possible degradation of the fiber.


  1. In a scouring bath with liquor ratio of 20:1 and temperature at 100°F(37°C), add:
    • 0.25% owg                 Orco Ferrosol NA4™
    • 1.5-2.0% owg            Orcopon PCA™
    • 1.0% owg                   Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate(TSPP)
  1. Slowly raise temperature to 170°F(77°C) and run for 30 minutes.
  2. Overflow rinse until clear.



In a pressure vessel such as a jet or beam, it is advisable to use a low-foaming scouring agent such as Orco Penetrant 120™.  In this case, a lower scouring temperature of 110-120°F(44-49°C) is required as the cloud point of this product is 120°F(49°C).  A higher temperature may be used at which point the Orco Penetrant 120™ will be above its cloud point and cease foaming.  When the temperature is brought back down to 120°F, the Penetrant 120 will re-solubilize and its scouring/detergent properties will re-activate and prevent redeposition of oils and soil onto the fabric.


In a situation where the fabric is heavily stained/soiled, a solvent scour may be necessary.

  1. In a fresh bath at 100°F(38°C) add 0.5% owg TSPP and 3-5% owg Orco Citrisolve DL-AAS-2™.
  2. Slowly bring temperature to 175°F(80°C) and run for 30 minutes.
  3. Drop bath and set new scour bath as described above. The running time may be decreased from 30 to 15 minutes.

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