How to Jig Dye Cellulosics using Orcolitefast™ and Orcomine™ Dyes


    1. Pre-scour and/or bleach goods if necessary. Goods should have good absorbency, wet-out, and contain no residual chlorine, peroxide, or alkali.  A general prescour procedure is to run two ends with bath at 160°F(71°C) and containing:
      • 1.0 %              Soda Ash on weight of goods(owg). (If processing rayon, do not                                exceed pH of 9.)
      • 1.5 % owg      Orcoterge ALK-N Conc™
    2. Drop scouring bath and overflow rinse at 120°F(49°C) for 2 ends.
    3. In a fresh bath at 100°F(38°C) add:
    4. Raise temperature to 200°-210°F(93°-99°C) and run one end.
    5. Add second half of prepared Orcolitefast™ or Orcomine™ dye paste and run one end.
    6. Add 1-10 g/L Glauber’s Salt evenly across the jig making sure salt is completely dissolved. Run one end.
    7. Add another 1-10 g/L Gauber’s Salt and run one end.
    8. Patch and continue running ends as necessary. More additions of salt might be required for dye exhaustion for heavier shades.
    9. Cool to 160°F(71°C) and drop bath.
    10. A cold “salt-rinse” might be necessary to help minimize dye migration. Run one end and drop bath.
    11. Cold Rinse.
    12. After-fix if necessary using  Orcofix F-NF™, or Orcofix DS™ depending on your requirements.

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