Orco Bond 1250™

Orco Bond 1250™ is a self-crosslinking acrylic binder offering a soft hand on most substrates including cellulosics and synthetics or blends thereof.


Physical Properties

Appearance White Aqueous Emulsion
Solids 48-50%
Ionic charge Anionic
Tg 25° C
Viscosity(cps) < 500
pH 2.5 – 4.5



  • Primary pigment binder
  • Back-coating operations
  • Garment dyeing
  • Anti-pilling agent
  • Dimensional stability with soft hand



Orco Bond 1250™ may be used neat or in conjunction with an external cross linking agent like melamine formaldehyde to improve wet resistance although this will add somewhat to the hand.  Although non-yellowing by nature, the use of certain softeners may detract from this quality.  If lower temperature cures are desired, the use of an acid donor catalyst such as Ammonium Sulfate may be used at the rate of 0.25-0.5% solids on solids.

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