Orco Clear Concentrate SP/2™  

Orco Clear Concentrate SP/2™ is a highly efficient clear concentrate for use in either flatbed or rotary screen printing primarily designed for all aqueous systems but capable of handling up to 15-20% mineral spirits if desired.


Physical Properties

Appearance Off-white pourable liquid
Odor mild
pH 7.5-8.0 in a 3% Clear print paste
Compatibility Compatible with most nonionic and anionic pigments and low-crocks

when antifoam is used; non-silicone type antifoam is recommended.



  • Bright sharp clear prints
  • Smooth lump-free clears obtained with minimum mixing
  • No strong ammonia or solvent odors
  • No highly flammable solvents used in concentrate makeup
  • Will not clog screens




2.5 – 3.5%                             Orco Clear Concentrate SP/2™ (amount varies due to type and amount of color or low-crock used).

Low-Solvent Clear

2.25 – 2.50%                        Orco Clear Concentrate SP/2™

82.50 – 82.75%                    Cold water

15.0%                                    Mineral spirits



Some stratification may occur upon prolonged storage but properties will be renewed by simply stirring contents.

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