Orco Flex Finish 40™

Orco Flex Finish 40™ is a modified nonionic polyvinyl acetate emulsion for use in coating and finishing where a strong but flexible film is desired and is especially useful when high percentages of Poly Vinyl Acetate causes “cracking off.”


Physical Properties

Form Pourable white fluid
Ionic charge nonionic
Specific Gravity 1.06
Stability stable in pH range of 3.5-9.0;  Keep from freezing
pH 3.5 – 4.5



Applicable to all fibers



For application where fullness of hand is desired without the usual harshness of conventional Poly Vinyl Acetates, 5 – 10% Orco Flex Finish 40™ on weight of goods may be padded on material at room temperature with the usual drying temperature of 175°F – 250°F(79-120°C).

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