Orco Penetrant 120™

Orco Penetrant 120™ is a versatile nonionic wetting agent providing excellent wetting properties with little or no foam over a wide temperature range.  Orco Penetrant 120™ also provides scouring properties necessary to remove wax and oil residues during the dyeing cycle.


Physical Properties

Appearance Clear to slightly turbid liquid
Odor mild pleasant aroma
pH ~ 6
Ionic Nature Nonionic
Cloud Point(1 % Solution) ~ 46°C(115°F)
Foaming @ 1% 60-120°F slight; >120°F minimal to none




0.05 to 0.15% Orco Penetrant 120™ on weight of bath provides fast wetting even on the most hydrophobic fabrics and helps to remove residual oils and grease during the dyeing cycle.


Pad Bath Penetrant & Finishing Agent

0.15 to 0.25 oz/gal of Orco Penetrant 120™ will improve wetting when padding dyes or applying finishes.

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