Orco Sunguard NYL™

Orco Sunguard NYL™ is an UltraViolet(UV) absorber for use on nylon fabrics and yarns to enhance lightfastness having stability in most dyebaths.


Physical Properties

Composition Nitrogen compound
Appearance White milky emulsion
Ionic Nature Anionic
Solubility dispersible in cold water
pH 7



  • Good dispersability lending itself for use in package and beam dyeing
  • Good dispersion stability
  • Good exhaustion due to its characteristic of particle coagulation prevention in the dye bath and redeposition on the dyeing equipment.



Orco Sunguard NYL™ is used in the nylon dyeing exhaust process.

Exhaust Procedure

  • Pre-disperse Orco Sunguard NYL™ in water before adding to the dyebath.
  • Use 2.0- 4.0% Orco Sunguard NYL™ on weight of fabric depending on the nylon fiber, depth of shade, and lightfastness requirements.

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