Orcofix F-NF™

Orcofix F-NF™  is a non-formaldehyde fixing agent for direct dyes on cellulosics offering excellent wet fastness at an economical price.

Physical Properties

Appearance pale yellow liquid
Ionic charge cationic
Chemical nature quaternary polymer
Odor mild, pleasant
pH 6.0



  • Better lightfastness than conventional dicey (formaldehyde) fixes
  • Improves wet fastness with minimum or no effect on hand
  • Minimum or no shade change attributed to after-treatment



  • 2.0%                     Orcofix F-NF™  on weight of goods(owg)
  • 0.7 -1.0 % owg     Acetic Acid 56%

Run at 120°F (49°C) for 20 minutes. Drop bath and dry. Do not rinse.

For Orcofix F-NF™  removal:

  • 3.0% owg           Soda Ash or 1.5% owg Caustic Soda
  • 10.0% owg         Glauber’s Salt

Run at 200°F(93°C) for 30 minutes. Drop bath and rinse. Re-acidify before dyeing.



12 months minimum in cool dry area

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