Orcosil PS-400™

Orcosil PS-400™ is a unique pigment print auxiliary offering substantial improvements in wet-crockfastness with the added benefit of a softer hand. Orcosil PS-400™ is also suitable as an additive to pigment pad baths and print clear cuts.

Physical Properties

Appearance White, milky fluid
Ionic Charge Nonionic
Density 8.4 lbs/gal
pH 4.0 – 4.5
Stability 5-6 months; protect from freezing



Pigment Print Additive

Orcosil PS-400™ may be added directly to the pigment/clear cut paste at a rate of 0.5-3.0% on weight of clear.


Top Crock Finish (Padding)

All of the above percentages are on weight of bath.

Fabric should be padded at 50-60% wet pick-up then dried and cured at 300°-325°F(150-163°C) for 60 seconds.

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