How to Treat Spandex® & Blends with a Gas-Fade Resist Inhibitor

Spandex® might encounter some shade change due to specific gases in the atmosphere.

Use Orcocil GFM-S™ for Spandex® especially when used in blends with nylon to prevent gas-fade and yellowing.   Orcocil GFM-S™ is used as a topical finish to prevent gas-fading especially on whites and narrow elastics.  It is a resinous-type gas fade inhibitor for the prevention of gas fading of Acetate, Nylon, Polyester, and Spandex®Orcocil GFM-S™ is compatible with numerous textile auxiliaries such as Poly Vinyl Acetate, optical brighteners, softeners, etc., although pre-dilution is recommended.

Exhaust Application

Use 1.3% owg Orcocil GFM-S™

Pad application

3-8 oz/gal. Orcocil GFM-S™ depending on degree of yellowing or hand desired.


In all cases pH of bath should not exceed 7.0 .