How to Print on Acetate Using Orcocil™ Disperse Dyes

Care should be exercised when selecting dyes for certain applications due to the limitations of gas-fade properties of some dyes.

  1. Prepare goods as necessary. Typically, a simple prescour where the goods are run for 30 minutes at 180°F(82°C) with 1-2% owg Anionic Wetting Agent is sufficient, along with a good rinse.
  2. Make up print paste containing:


  1. Mix these two components with a high-speed mixer until smooth. Amount of Orco Clear Conc SP-2™ is dependent on viscosity desired.  Then add:
  1. Run a high-speed mixer for 5-10 minutes until smooth.
  2. The pH of a synthetic clear should never go below 7.5 .
  3. Screen print paste onto acetate fabric.
  4. Dry goods at a maximum temperature of 205°F(96°C).
  5. Fix dye onto fiber by passing goods through a continuous ager at 220°F(104°C) for 20 minutes.
  6. Rinse goods cold then wash with 0.133 oz/gal(1g/L) Orconol CHSA Conc™ at 110°F(43°C).
  7. Rinse cold and dry.

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