Orco Lubricant MC™

Orco Lubricant MC™ is a lubricant and an antistatic agent used in all aqueous as well as oil-based oversprays.  It provides fiber-to-fiber and metal-to-fiber lubrication as well as control over static formation.


Physical Properties

Appearance Amber yellow pourable liquid
Odor mild pleasant aroma
pH Stability 2.5-12
Ionic Nature Nonionic
Activity 100%
Solubility Water dispersible; Solvent soluble



Aqueous Overspray

Use a 0.5-2.5% solution in room temperature water.

Spinning/Carding Oil Additive

Use 1.0-2.5% on weight of oil.


Due to Orco Lubricant MC’s nonionic nature, it may be used in conjunction with both cationic and anionic fixing agents and/or resins to improve drape, napping, and hand properties.

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