Orco Pad Binder HLF-P™

Pad Binder HLF-P™ is a self-crosslinking acrylic latex polymer emulsion specially designed for pigment padding on both narrow and wide goods where low formaldehyde release is important.


Physical Properties

Appearance White emulsion
Odor Pleasant
Emulsifier system Anionic
Solids 50% ± 1%
pH 4.5 to 5.0




Pad, dry and then cure at 275°F(135°C) for a minimum of 1 minute

The amount used of Orco Pad Binder HLF-P will vary depending on the shade and fastness requirements.  In most cases, the free formaldehyde contributed by the system should be no more than 15 ppm.


Protect from freezing or high heat (+100°F(38°C))

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