Orco Pad Binder RA-S31™

Orco Pad Binder RA-S31™ is a self cross-linking acrylic based emulsion, designed for use as a soft hand finish on a variety of substrates.



Orco Pad Binder RA-S31™ may be used as a pigment binder, dimensional stabilizer, or for lint reduction.


Physical Properties

Appearance White emulsion
Charge Anionic
Solubility Dispersible in cold water
Tg -30° C
pH 2.5 – 4.0



Orco Pad Binder RA-S31™ is typically applied continuously, but may also be spray-applied as well as foam-coated.

This product can be used with nonionic or anionic pigments, melamine resins if pH is raised to alkaline side with aqueous ammonia, and various nonionic or anionic softeners as desired.

Silicone defoamers may be added if foaming affects the application.

Any additional chemicals may affect non-yellowing properties.

Recommended cure temperature is 300° F or higher.  If a lower cure temperature is required, the addition of an acid catalyst, such as ammoniam sulfate at 0.25-0.50%owb may be used.

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