Orco Polylev B 400™

Orco Polylev B 400™ is a stable nonionic leveling agent designed primarily for promoting the level dyeing of polyester under pressure at 230-275°F(110-135°C).  Its effectiveness is well demonstrated in the dyeing of pearl or taupe shades where transference of dye is essential for uniformity and levelness.


Physical Properties

Appearance Straw-colored liquid
pH 7 +/- 0.5 for a 5% solution
Odor Very mild
Stability Not affected within pH range of 3-12
Solubility Easily dispersible in cold or hot water; Not soluble.



  • May be used with or without the addition of a dye carrier when run at 230-275°F(110-135°C).
  • Highly effective nonionic lubricant/softener for use on dyebath or as an after-treatment in the last rinse.
  • When used in the last rinse or as an overspray, moderate antistat properties will be noted.
  • Complexes with disperse dyes improving their “water solubility” which prevents the dyes from filtering out on beams and packages.
  • Deagglomeration of polyester trimer in the dyebath, helping to prevent deposition onto fibers and equipment.



Use 1.0 – 2.0%  Orco Polylev B 400™ on weight of goods when dyeing polyester under pressure at 230 – 275°F(110-135°C).

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