Orco Synthrowite GWS2 Powder™

Orco Synthrowite GWS2 Powder Subder Sub is an optical brightener of the coumarin class used primarily in binders, varnishes and ink formulations with some application in detergents using co-solvents.  The product absorbs at 380 nm UV light to emit a blue-violet fluorescence between 400 nm and 500 nm in the visible spectrum.

The product will compensate for the yellow cast of various binder substrates even when added in small amounts. The finished article is whiter, brighter and brilliant with a market improvement in tone.



  • Excellent whitening yield
  • Low migration in polymeric materials
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Good lightfastness
  • Intensity helps reduce required amounts of dyes or pigments
  • Can be used to augment shade of dyes or pigments
  • Approved for indirect food contact

Physical Properties

Chemical type Coumarin Derivative
Appearance Off-white powder, yellow powder, Yellow Hue
Solubility  Insoluble in water; great than 25g/100mL in solvents that include acetone, ethyl acetate, toluene and exlene; very slight solubility in alcohols, aromatics, and alkanes



Most polymers:

  • 0005 -0.1 % by weight of polymer

Polyester Fibers:

  • Recommended amount is 0.02% by weight of fiber.



Store in original closed container in a dry cool place.

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