Orcofix DS™

Orcofix DS™ is an outstanding fixative for fiber reactive dyes on cotton when applied in the finishing bath.


Physical Properties

Appearance Clear light straw-colored liquid
Solubility Soluble in water
Chemical Nature Cationic polymer
Stability Stable up to 70°F(21°C)



  • Improves wet and dry crockfastness
  • Reduces resin and catalyst levels by 30% or more
  • Has no detrimental effect on shade
  • Reduces formaldehyde levels without reducing quality of fabric
  • Compatible with nonionics and cationics
  • Does not harm lightfastness
  • Effective over a wide pH range of 3-10



Orcofix DS™ can be applied in the fabric finishing process along with other chemicals such as softeners, resins and catalysts.  Since Orcofix DS™ is cationic, it should be checked for compatibility with other finishing components–do not use with anionics.


Exhaust Use 1.0-3.0 % on weight of fabric depending on depth of shade in the final rinse cycle. Run for 10 minutes at 100°F(38°C).

Continuous  Use 2.0-5.0% on weight of bath depending on depth of shade along with other finishing agents or by itself for fixing.

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