OrcoSoft NP™

OrcoSoft NP™ is a polyethylene type fabric softener in liquid form for easy dispersion in either hot or cold water. This softener contains no free waxes, has good resistance to scorch yellowing, has no adverse effect on lightfastness, and will actually improve fabric tear strength. OrcoSoft NP™ is one of the most durable softeners available.


Physical Properties

Chemical Type Polyethylene
Appearance Off-white opalescent emulsion
Ionic Nature Nonionic
pH 9.0 – 9.2




Resin Finishing Additive – The use of various melamine, urea, and glyoxal resins on 100% cotton and polyester/cotton not only create a harsh hand but also lower abrasion resistance and tensile strength of the cellulose. By using OrcoSoft NP™ these properties are improved without any appreciable impairment of shrinkage or crease recovery.

Sewability – Some resins cause friction heat problems for converters who sew this material, thus needles quickly become dull and clogged. The use of OrcoSoft NP™ prevents this buildup due to its lubricating action allowing the needle to pass through with negligible friction.

Additive for Stain Release Fabrics – Typical stain release agents consist of either acrylic or fluorocarbon finishes which cause needle clogging problems — OrcoSoft NP™ will minimize this problem.

Pigment Padding and Printing – Although many of the acrylic emulsions being used for pigment binding are fairly soft, the hand becomes fairly harsh when loaded with high amounts of pigments. The use of 1.0 – 2.5% on of OrcoSoft NP™ on weight of bath will provide a softer more natural hand with little or no effect on fastness unlike most cationic and nonionic fatty type softeners.

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