How to Resin-Finish Spandex® & Blends

Orco Padding Resin FGT™

Orco Padding Resin FGT™ is a melamine formaldehyde type resin which is sometimes used on Spandex® and its blends, but careful attention must be paid to temperature.  A recommended maximum curing temperature is 235°F(112°C)  if possible as Spandex® can begin to degrade in presence of temperatures exceeding this.  The curing time should also be kept to a minimum.  Because these curing temperatures are so low, a complete cure does not actually finalize until 3-4 days later.  It is important to keep this in mind when any physical testing is done on the fabric sample.

For continuous operations, Orco Padding Resin FGT™ is recommended.  Orco Padding Resin FGT™ is a durable, versatile, self cross-linking additive for special applications requiring dimensional stability. It can also be used in combination with acrylic resins for added stability. It is used as an additive to improve washfastness of pigment print and pad operations, and as a resin finishing agent for cotton, rayon, polyester, spandex, and blends thereof.  It provides shrinkage control on cellulose and cellulose/synthetic blends and is a hand-building additive for all fibers.


Orcoset Resin CN™

Orcoset Resin CN™ is a non-durable, non-ionic polyvinyl acetate homopolymer developed for the textile industry to produce maximum stiffness to cotton, synthetics and blends and is widely used on all blends with spandex, especially whites.  On very dark shades, some chalking may occur.  The dry-rate has been modified to prevent excessive build-up on pad rolls, especially in a three-roll stock.  Orcoset Resin CN™ may be used alone or compounded with other finishing agents such as optical brighteners, starches, or corresponding catalysts.

Orcoset Resin CN™ may be used at concentrations ranging from 2.0% owb for lightweight fabrics to 10.0% owb for moderately firm hands.  For extra stiff hands, as much as 15.0% owb to 20.0% owb weights is frequently used.

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