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The ORCO SPLASH will feature a detailed procedure on how YOU can effectively manage your anodizing dye bath strength, allowing you to save time, increase production and manage your own chemistry Look inside for more…

Many anodizing shops rely on their suppliers for information about what is happening in their organic dye tanks. This often requires samples to labs for testing and then discussion and decisions for corrective action. Often the corrective action requires product from the supplier.

This process is time-consuming, often taking many days, and does not allow real-time decision-­‐making. The delay causes significant reductions in process efficiency and increases in turnaround time for customers.

Would you value a practical, easy and effective test method for testing dye baths at your own facility? Visit us in the Expo Area for a first-hand discussion on how YOU can manage your own dye bath concentrations. This procedure will provide you with:

• Strategy for approaching a troubled organic dye bath
• Ability to make dye bath decision in real-time
• A method to save production time and appease your customers
• A way to manage your own chemistry